RV Gutter Lip with 3M™ Self-Adhesive Version 4ft


Your RV is an important part of your recreational life. It brings the comfort of your home on the roads as you travel and enjoy life at its fullest. Protecting your RV in many ways is a standard operating procedure to make it look beautiful for longer. One way to maintain its good looks is by making sure it is protected and that dirt and stains are prevented from building up. This is when the gutter lip comes in. It’s a very ingenious technology that simply keeps water and moisture from dripping down on the side of your RV which may eventually catch dirt and in turn deposit those in the form of stains and black spots. With the gutter lip, you reduce the number washing you need to do. This saves you time, water, car wax, and a lot of other resources. It can function well in cold conditions as well as hot days. This can truly save you a lot and is one of the wisest buys you can ever make.


Déscription du produit

  • 100% Canadian: RV Gutter Lip is a Canadian invention designed to protect your recreational vehicle from dirt, water infiltration and black spots.
  • Keep It Clean: It redirects the flow of water and moisture away from your RV thus preventing the buildup of stains and black marks. You don’t need to wash your RV that often as well.
  • Ultimate Protection: This gutter is the best way to prevent water from infiltrating your RV. It is resistant to UV rays, so it won’t change color in the sun, and it can also withstand temperatures from -40°C to 40°C.
  • User and Environment Friendly: This version uses 3M adhesive technology for easy installation and will keep your RV Gutter Lips securely attached for an optimal protection. It also saves water due to reduced frequency of washes which in turn saves your RV wax.
  • Guaranteed: Toiles VR packs versatility, innovation and power into a single bench top necessity. Innovation and passion are at the heart of our commitment, our products, and our brands. Our great selection of products and knowledgeable associates will ensure that we meet all your needs.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 0.6 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 9 cm


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